What’s the best mattres for guest room

Beofore buying a mattress for guest room, you need to know that the owner of guest room is not fixed, he/she might be your friends, your relatives, your parents and others, some might be old and others might be young, so in my oponon, an all-in-one mattress is the most important for the guest room.

What’s the all in one mattress?

All in one means anyone, any kind of sleeper, can sleep well on this mattress. So you can’t buy a very soft mattress, like tempur pedic, and it’s too expensive as well. I’m afraid no one will buy a tempur pedic for guest room, that’s a waste of money.

And you can’t buy a very firm mattress. Like Tuft&Needle.  This is a little firm in my opinon, althrough some other guys think it’s all right. Tuft&needle won’t cost you too much. Queen size for $600 before coupon(some mattress review site provides $50 coupon for this). This is a good mattress for someone, espeicially for the one with back pain or pure stomach sleepers. But it’s not my cake.

So the answer is clear, the mattress can’t be too expensive, and can adapt to any kinds of sleepers, my answer is Luxi mattress(see Luxi mattress  review here). I just droped by getbestmattress.com and been attrative by it. The founder of this site Chris used to be mattress sales person so he understood a lot about this industry. He is now a software engineer and he create this website to share his knowleadge and experience with us. Last time I wanted to buy purple mattress and access his site by accident, Then I found he didn’t recommend purple, which is our of my expect, I planned to buy it already by then, so I just contact him and asked if any better recommendation, he just asked me to give Luxi a try, I’m very satisfied and that’s why I wrote this post to share my experience with you guys.

Why Luxi is the best for Guest room

  • This is a 1000 nights free trial mattress, oh mo god, 3 years free trial, if you are not confident with their product, how can they do this.
  • Luxi mattress now has limited time for $200 off, so you can pay no more than $900 for a perfect mattress, why not have a try?
  • Luxi mattress is designed with 4 layers structure.  This is even better than Leesa and casper. So every guest of you can enjoy the sleeping experience at the hotel.
  • More important, the firmness scale of Luxi mattress can be customized, you know that every guest may has their own behaviors, so if the firmness scale is fixed, how can you do this, if you mattress is very soft and he need a firm mattress, what to do?  The luxi mattress can fix this problem perfectly, In my imagination, only Helix mattress and luxi mattress can customized their firmness scale. But you can’t change it for Helix after buying, while Luxi is awesome, you can customize anything, by yourself, That’s why I would recommend Luxi mattress as the guest room.