Best Rowing machine brand

Want to loose weight, start dieting? Or do more exercise, and the rowing is the most effective way I guess. But choosing a rowing machine is not a easy task, it’s expensive so if you make a wrong decision, it would be a waste of your money, so what’s the best rowing machine in the world? What’s the Pros and cons of each? How about the price?


I guess Concept2 is the primary choice of most people, it’s with perfect quality, perfect design , but I guess only most serious players choose this, it’s not the decision for the fresh man.

Another disadvantage is it takes too much space for storage, especially for small house, so maybe it’s the best choice for exercise room I guess.

Water Rower

This is another famous brand, different from Concept2, it’s better for home use, it’s more quiet, and the quality is as good as Concept2, different from Concept 2, mostly it uses a wood structure, so personally I like it better.

The only disadvantage is that its stickers tend to peel of easily. So take it serious before buying.


Compared with Concept 2 than Water Rower, Lifespan is not as popular as them, and from the other side, it’s cheaper, so if you are in a limited budget, you can take it as your first choice.

And it uses Crisp screen to provide you helpful feedback. The only disadvantage is that it’s not as quiet and Water Rower.


Same as Lifespan, Stamina is a cheap choice for rower machine, The design is very simple and it provided three years frame warranty and 90-day parts warranty, so totally risk free choice for you.

But some customer complains that the seat of Stamina is not as comfortable as others, but I guess you wouldn’t cost too much time on that so would be good to go/


The last one is Profoam, it’s very smart and effective, so I guess for the family with small place, it would be a perfect choice, it oversized pivoting pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps.

The drawback is obvious as well, because of the cheap price, the quality is not as good as concept 2, so I guess this would be a good choice for the beginners and women.

So guys, what’s the best rowing machine in your eyes, give us your ideas.